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Outdoor Space Consultation

And the results are in … but not yet analysed.  That’s the next job.

A big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to give us their thoughts about what we could use the space around the Town Hall for.  

What’s going to happen next?

We know that we’re not going to please everyone.  So, we’re committing to being open about the information we’ve received and the decisions that we make.  The next thing is to gather all the information into one place and start to analyse it.  We’ll share that information in early May on the website.

We then go into a process of working out what the jigsaw puzzle picture looks like.  What fits together nicely?  Are there niche things which could work?  How do the suggestions work with what could be happening inside the Town Hall and importantly how will the suggestions affect our neighbours.  How do the activities fit with our charitable objectives?  I’m sure more questions will arise and there will be much head scratching.   Hopefully we’ll start to build that picture in early summer and share it back, again via the website.  By Autumn there’s a hope that a more concrete picture will have formed.  Just in time for the AGM in October!  That fits together nicely …

Members will then be able to make the final decisions.  If that’s not an encouragement to become a member, then I don’t know what is.  If this has made you think about becoming a member here’s the sign up form


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