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What Should We Do?

The Town Hall is open, events are gaining momentum but there is so much more that we could do than develop the inside space for fantastic events.  We also have some outdoor space!  We know that many people already value this precious space.  We feel that it holds great potential.  That it can be an even bigger asset to the neighbourhood than it already is.  What we really want is to gather ideas, hopes and fears from as many people in the neighbourhood as possible.  This will help us to develop really informed plans and create a space that is both valued locally and adds value to the Town Hall activities.

So far we have only been keeping things looking tidy, as seen in these photographs. Now we want your ideas!

We’ve already heard many suggestions of what could take place in this space. But we want to hear more.  This is why we’re holding a consultation on February 24th between 2pm and 4pm.  We’re inviting you to explore the grounds and give us your ideas, hopes and fears.  We don’t want you to hold back or let what has been before limit you.  We know that there will be suggestions that are incompatible.  We know that we’re in the middle of our residential and commercial community and we need to make sure that the final plans reflect and respect that.  Our job will be to sift through all of this to design a space that is really coherent and fits with our position in the High Street.

Come along to the Town Hall between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday 24th February.  Bring your family, bring a friend (or two)!

If you can't make it along we now have an online form you can fill in - click here to let us know what you think.

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