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Town Hall Joy

The Town Hall was full of joy on a dreary Saturday in January.

Music from Overton and McCann provided a background for almost two hundred people.

These are people who have supported the town hall over the past year in so many ways.

We have all seen the town hall emerge from under the scaffolding. Over the last six months it has started to be a lively and vibrant community venue. This has been possible almost entirely due to the effort of hundreds of people. All of whom have given their time freely or donated generously.

This celebration of achievement and thanks brought many of those people together.  Some came with family and friends, others alone meeting neighbours and fellow volunteers at the venue.  It was wonderful to see such community spirit.


At the entrance of the building a beautiful ‘wall of thanks’ was unveiled. Local artist Laura Campbell created it from clay tiles. The work depicts our beach with sea flora and fauna stamped in each tile. It's a reminder for everyone who comes through the door of the town hall’s deep community roots.

Refreshments were enjoyed. A slide-show of the town hall's journey was shown. Trustees took groups of people on tours of the building. Almost every nook and cranny was explored. There was amazement at how much refurbishment has been achieved. The work taking place between shows, parties, and regular classes. Stories of summer school, dancing, Burns suppers and parties were shared. This reminds us just how important this building is to the community.

To everyone who has helped us so far, thank you, thank you, thank you!

We’re always looking for help of many kinds.  If you’d like to get involved in the town hall please drop us a line via our volunteer form.

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